Urban cyclist 

Eyes forward, glances sidewards-

glistening, gaping asphalt ahead.

The rolling rumble of mass with

a warning blanket of shadow

then push of air.

Exhaust and earth mix with

bitter sweet smells of

cigarette, cannabis and vaping tobacco.

Cycling brethren flock, then disperse

in our solitary worlds of flight.


I wander through a summer’s afternoon 

With occasional caress of sapling leaf, and stem.

I notice the latticed intricacies of a tree

and with unexpected compulsion approach 

so my fingers can feel the grooves and ridges. 

Alive with awakened sensation  

I indulge neglected memories.

But a jarring moment later,

two shirtless adolescents cruise by

their bikes rattling beneath sinuous frames.

Under their suspicious gaze,

I watch like a criminal caught. 

Wedding vows

I respect a promise as an unbreakable truth.I think of it as the rings we will wear. 

A promise encircles and binds us both, with no beginning, middle or end. 

So I promise to be accountable for my own happiness; there will be challenges and trials ahead,
but I ask for us to share the burdens, celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. 

I promise to practise the virtues of patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and understanding often laid
waste in the world we live. 

I promise a labyrinthine love without complacency, already taken root in a foundation we have built
through weathers fair and foul. 

When I experience something new, I want you to be there with me. 

I promise my life with you, for you, and only you.

(September 17th 2016)


I have this wonderful gift called time. I can sit on a train and enjoy its presence. In the capitalist handbook time is considered low value, but high cost. It has no material form yet we all notice its absence. Both friend and foe, how do we flip it from enemy to ally?

Status anxiety 

We fortify ourselves from every potential danger:

the smiling assassins who greet us in faces of strangers

virtual enemies entangling us in their web

the politics and economics of countries we barely know, but certain our fates are somehow entwined.

We send our faithful emissaries to greet the unknown:

the triumvirate riders of fear, mistrust and anxiety.

They evaluate, and permute through distorting lenses.

We wait impatiently for their advice,

seeking sign of their return from diminishing fortress apertures that gradually narrow our views.

So imprisoned in amour plated hearts,

and hidden in cages with locks so intricate even we have forgotten the key

we seek shelter in the half light of life,

bent and broken,

mindlessly chanting spells and blindly following rituals

to conjure spirits of freedom.