Self forgivneness

Reflecting on a difficult journey, and wrestling with those crushing destructive inner voices of:

“You’re not good enough”

“You are a failure, a quitter.”

“You’ll never be happy, no matter what you do, or how hard you try”

“You don’t deserve to be different from everyone else. What gives you the right?”

I have started on a 30 day yoga camp; alongside a sore and perplexed body (but you hardly moved during that 30 minutes!) I also discovered a beautiful and kind person who is giving me permission to love who I am. It sounds soooooo cheesy and such a cliché. However, it is giving me hope one day I can say out-loud from an authentic self, and with sincerity:

“I love you, and I forgive you.”


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A man who is trying to find a place in the world of today, and daring to hope there is work out there to energise and fulfil. I have a lot of life experiences and reflections to share, from a rather neurotic, self doubting perspective(!)

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