The cherishing self

On my quest for inner-peace, and enlightenment a.k.a “know thyself” I attended a local Buddhist meditation class. The theme was self-cherishing, in simple terms, less suffering may be attained by shifting our focus away from the self, and towards others.

It is true when we are in a dark place the world shrinks to a pin point reference, and the universe contains only our damaged egos. I felt vaguely horrified listening to the talk, to consider my selfishness as responsible for my inner angst.

There is truth to the argument, it’s a stoical stance – suffering is relative. However, I can’t quite shake the belief kindness and love directed inwards, along with forgiveness and compassion will be my path to a gentler ego with the ability to see beyond the black fog.


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A man who is trying to find a place in the world of today, and daring to hope there is work out there to energise and fulfil. I have a lot of life experiences and reflections to share, from a rather neurotic, self doubting perspective(!)

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