Status anxiety 

We fortify ourselves from every potential danger:

the smiling assassins who greet us in faces of strangers

virtual enemies entangling us in their web

the politics and economics of countries we barely know, but certain our fates are somehow entwined.

We send our faithful emissaries to greet the unknown:

the triumvirate riders of fear, mistrust and anxiety.

They evaluate, and permute through distorting lenses.

We wait impatiently for their advice,

seeking sign of their return from diminishing fortress apertures that gradually narrow our views.

So imprisoned in amour plated hearts,

and hidden in cages with locks so intricate even we have forgotten the key

we seek shelter in the half light of life,

bent and broken,

mindlessly chanting spells and blindly following rituals

to conjure spirits of freedom.


Published by


A man who is trying to find a place in the world of today, and daring to hope there is work out there to energise and fulfil. I have a lot of life experiences and reflections to share, from a rather neurotic, self doubting perspective(!)

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