John woke to the gentle sound of the Elysium gong. It was 7:30am and although barely light outside, the room was bathed in a synthesised glow of replicant dawn. A place of pale whites, satin surfaces and sweeping curves, a gentle hum came from the triple-filtered hypoallergenic air.

John stretched and then swung his legs out of bed. He exposed his thigh for the daily shot of vitamins and nanobots. It was his 150th birthday and endless decades lay ahead according to his smiling physicians, all white teeth and wrinkle-free skin. Under the needle fine shower he could feel the tingling cocktail of antibacterials penetrating his skin. As the cubicle filled with steam, a memory started to form. He was with a woman, they were bathing together, skin seeking skin. When was that? A hundred years ago? More? It was a moment out of focus, with no feeling attached thanks to the pills preventing painful emotions.  He was free in this anaesthetised world of existence, but strangely today the image left him wanting something.

After his 3-D printed breakfast, portioned according to his calorie stats over the last 24hrs, he decided to go for a walk. A throbbing red light from his medication dispenser persisted until the moment he closed the door.